Is now the time for waxing, guys?

With so many trends fighting for our attention these days, it’s hard to know what’s staying for good and what will be gone tomorrow. One thing I know for sure and have never questioned, is waxing. It’s not a fad and it’s here to stay.


Waxing has been used as a form of hair removal for thousands of years. The reason it has secured its permanent place in the beauty industry is simple – It’s safe, effective and attainable. Different hair removal techniques such as sugaring, IPL, laser hair removal etc. have become very popular in recent years as advertising and celebrity endorsements have caused consumers to have conflicting thoughts on what is best. Playing on consumers desire to have permanent lifelong results, a ‘natural’ alternative or simply to be a part of a new ‘trend.’

al Covo's Shaving Guide

Steve offers men’s wet shaving at al Covo, as one of a bundle of men's grooming services that also includes trimming, waxing, facials, manicures and pedicures. How does he consider creating the best shave? He uses a traditional wet shave with a shaving brush, cut-throat blade, hot and cold flannels and an array of products to create a perfect close shave without irritation.

Here, he looks at some of the common problems with men’s shaving, then explores options for avoiding them.

Side Effects

Shaving can have numerous side effects, including cuts, abrasions, and irritation. Some people with curly hair have an adverse response to shaving called pseudofolliculitis barbae, or "razor bumps" due to ingrown hairs.

Many side effects can be minimized by using a fresh blade, plenty of lubrication, and avoiding pressing down with the razor, a shaving brush will also help. There are many products on the market to get rid of them, they commonly dry the affected area and some help to lift out the trapped hair(s). More...

How to make YOU the Valentine’s gift

Forget chocolates and flowers for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day - instead, YOU be the gift. Show how much you care by turning yourself into a sexy package with a bit of male grooming.

Valentine’s Day can be a source of intense pressure – when it should mean, pleasure? We tend to get overwhelmed with questions about what to do. Should I buy an expensive gift? Should I book a different restaurant? However, as with most things, keeping it simple is most definitely the way to go. So, skip over the clichéd red roses and box of heart-shaped chocolates and instead invest some money on a gift that will really make your favoured one smile…you!

So, follow my easy pre-date 10 point checklist, avoid bad grooming pitfalls and learn how to curb your errant ways and get in there stylishly my son. More...

Look masculine, trim and tidy with a quick groom for Valentines

Fancy a spruce up of your body? It makes you feel like wearing a new suit, makes you feel clean and tidy, and looks better on a date or party, in the pool and in bed! Trimming can show off body art, muscle definition, help you to be smoother and sexier in and out of clothes, making you more confident and attractive. You can improve sports performance, enjoy heightened sensitivity, reduce friction, and view your body art, body parts, and muscle definition. Since David Beckham became a male modelling guru, use of body hair trimming, tidying and waxing have been growing and many laides and men now expect it. Whether it's the back, pubic area, arms, shoulders or eyebrows, there's an area of hair that's probably letting you down.

Male Intimate Waxing..the facts

Male intimate waxing involves the removal of selected hair from underneath the boxer shorts, front and back. It is becoming very popular across all walks of men. Not necessarily easily talked about down the pub, Steve Reeve, Southampton's finest male waxer for men, explains what many men want to know, but don't often chat about...

What is male intimate waxing?
Also known as the infamous 'back, sack and crack', Boyzilian or Brazilian waxing, plus many more names, this increasingly popular service involves the removal of hair from the groin, speedo line, penis, scrotum and buttocks. As much or as little hair can be removed as desired by the customer, with the final price adjusted accordingly.More...

Male Waxing..looking good for Valentines

Male waxing is on the up! Year on year, more men are getting to grips with their hair with professional help. Come Valentines Day, springtime, summer holidays, and party times, men want to look good, perform well at their sport, and love their body. And why not, they've usually earnt that feeling! It's like wearing a new suit, or going to the barbers,it gives you the trimmed, tidied suited and booted feel. Southampton's finest male waxer and body grooming expert Steve Reeve, explains why...

Why wax?
Waxing pulls out the hair at the root, rather than shaving, clippering, and depilatory creams, which instead cut the hair at the skin. A common analogy is pulling grass out at its roots, rather than mowing it. That means your smooth skin will last much longer - usually for a week or 2 on the first wax, rather than a day or so with shaving. Waxing also offers less or no itchiness and no hard rough stubble - hair re-growth is much softer and finer, sparser and weaker. More...

What is male waxing?

Waxing is one of the most popular beauty services for men. You feel cleaner, smoother and sexier, more confident and attractive, can enjoy heightened sensitivity, show off body art and muscle definition, and improve sports performance with a wax in the right area. It's like wearing a new suit, or going to the barbers,it gives you the trimmed, tidied suited and booted feel. Southampton's finest male waxer and body grooming expert Steve Reeve, explains what it's like...

If you have unwanted hair on parts of your body, whether that’s your back, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, bottom or somewhere more intimate, waxing is the ideal solution. Waxing keeps the skin hair-free for longer than shaving, is less irritable during regrowth, and new hair appears less dense and finer. More...

Male Waxing Comforts at al Covo

More WOW, Less OW!! Waxing at al Covo offers more comfort than other waxing places. Visit or call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details. I have  on my website FAQs for waxing and FAQ for intimate waxing. This blog is based in part on an article by Andy Rouillard, who taught me how to wax, used with permission.

Ripping hair out by the root is never going to be a completely painless experience, despite the nonsense that some manufacturers insist on peddling, but I follow a number of simple and cost effective steps that can be taken to reduce the associated discomfort for customers.

Let me say from the off that I have never been a fan of numbing creams or recommending painkillers to my clients, in my humble opinion they are an unnecessary faff and expense.

So let’s strip it right back to basics, and here are my tools for a little less ‘ouch’ and a little more ‘oooh’ in the treatment room.

Step 1: Timing is everything
Waxing always hurts more when tired, ill, dehydrated or hungover, which certainly makes for a pointed topic of conversation first thing on a Saturday morning. And there’s a reason I ask customers to commit to regular waxing every 4-6 weeks: not only does this catch the hair on the best cycle for longer lasting smoothness, but it’ll also hurt less as the hair starts to thin out. Bargain.

Step 2: First impressions count
The right impression instils confidence in clients and goes a long way towards helping them relax from the outset. My studio is welcoming and warm, non-clinical, plays calming music, relaxes the mind and allows me to concentrate only on you.  More...

Intimacy: The Key to Our Well-Being

Many treatments require a level of intimacy between client and therpsit. This intimacy can actually form part of the benefit to the client, whether it be on meeting and greeting, through a consultation prior to treatment, aftercare advice following a treatment, or the treatment itself.

Intimacy: The Key to Our Well-Being
As social beings, we have the biological need to be with others. From the moment we are born up to our adult years, we strive to build relationships with different people. We need it to boost our self-worth, feel connected, and achieve happiness.

In a 40-year study, researchers from Queens College were able to show that intimacy is the key towards well-being. What’s more surprising is that it doesn’t matter if people change partners as they age. What’s important is that they experience genuine intimacy.

What is intimacy? More...

Benefits of a Little Self Love

Too often, we forget to love ourselves because we are too focused on other people, on our goals, and everything else we care about the most. But did you know that self-love is the root foundation of all the relationships we build with other people? If we don’t have it, we really don’t have the love to give at all.

al Covo offers prestigious massage, waxing and well-being treatments in Southampton, including meditations, stretching, reflexology, reiki, body wraps and weight loss plans. Visit, email or call Steve on 07698065885 or 02380639913 for more details. The philosophy is easy...Relax and love your body...and here's why!

Competition fuels Self-Criticism

Do you always feel the need to outperform others? There’s nothing wrong in competition. Being competitive is a trait that is critical to survival. But too much sense of competition makes us more self-critical. According to Kristin Neff, associate professor of Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas and pioneer of research on self-compassion, when our self-worth depends on our need to outscore others, we tend to become more anxious and insecure. So when challenges come and we fail, we become much more miserable. Self-criticism therefore hinders us from being successful and being loved – two of our ultimate dreams. More...

About the author

Steve from AlcovoBorn in Worcestershire, and educated to second (Masters) degree in Geography, I worked in a corporate company before being inspired more fully into well-being from travels to the Eastern and Tropical countries of the Philippines, India, Kenya, the Maldives, Mauritius and Mozambique.

I gained an understanding of spas, treatments and clients along my way, and have developed this into my own practice, al Covo, to which I welcome you warmly. I pride myself on al Covo's warmth, peaceful aura, hygiene and thoroughness.

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