22 Reasons Why Massage Can Lead to Satisfying Sex

Have you ever thought about re-igniting a fulfilling, sexual experience? Giving and receiving a massage together is one way to achieve better sexual satisfaction. Here are the reasons why:

1.      1. Massage releases endorphins which reduce pain levels – ideal for ensuring uncomfortable positions and thrusts don’t cause you to groan in pain rather than pleasure.

2.      2. Massage stretches muscles, broadening muscle tissue, which allows for greater mobility and flexibility of body parts.

3.      3. Touch between two people encourages trust and a bond of friendship through the 1-on-1 attention.

4.      4. Massage of intimate areas is a great precursor to moving onto sex - you’re already making contact in the right area.

5.      5. Massage stimulates the nerves and a sense of sensuality, giving an invigorating, tingling glow.

6.      6. Massage allows two people to take turns to massage, so you can both practice giving and receiving on different occasions, developing a stronger, more even relationship. More...

DIY Massage Techniques

Too much stress can cause body pain – a warning that your body needs to rest and relieve tension. Poor blood circulation can be blamed as well. While popping a pill often gives us the quickest solution, it doesn’t effectively address your condition the way massage do.

al Covo offers prestigious massage treatments and training in Southampton, including back, neck and shoulder, foot, hand and arm, and head and face massage training, or go for the full body relaxing massage training. For the more experienced, hot stone massage, 4 hand massage, and aromatherapy massage training are available. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk, call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details.

Learning some DIY massage techniques is one way to stay healthy and stress-free!

How to massage your head More...

Choosing Massage Base Oils

Base, or Carrier Oils, can be full of nutrients and vitamins, and are ready to massage into the skin and hair. My guide below shows you the properties of each base oil. Use them as they come, or add Essential Oils for extra goodness! All are available to buy in the suite or buy almond, grapeseed and rosehip oil online.

al Covo offers massage treatments and training, including aromatherapy training, in Southampton. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk or call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details.


Almond Oil: Light, almost odourless. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, E, protein, and a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. Protects, nourishes and calms eczema irritation, dryness or inflamation. Excellent hair and skin conditioner, as well as helping reduce muscular pain and tightness. More...

10 tips to get rid of anger

al Covo offers a range of well-being relaxation techniques and training courses including meditation, massage, reflexology, reiki, stretching, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy and music therapy. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk or call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913.

Contrary to the popular belief, anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But as they say – too much of everything can be dangerous. Inability to control anger can take a toll on your physical and mental health, and destroy your relationship with others. The Dali Lama says ‘Anger is like swallowing poison and expecting someone else to die’.

Maybe the customer on the line is being arrogant, or your boss is nagging again. Maybe your child is having tantrums for more than an hour already, or your spouse made you wait for hours in the restaurant. Things like these can infuriate you to the highest level and make you lose control. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get rid of anger and keep your composure even during the most stressful, exasperating moments.

1. Think not just once, but twice. It’s easy to say hurtful words that you don’t really mean in the height of your emotions. But often, these things make us regret in the end. So before you say or do something. Think about it. Think about the outcomes your action will bring. Experts recommend counting 1 to 10 before making a response to prevent an angry outburst.

2. Express what you feel. Once you feel calmer, it’s time that you express what you feel. You will notice that you are becoming more careful of the choice of words at this moment. Tell that person your concerns in an assertive yet non-confrontational manner. Expressing your emotions will make you feel better. More...

Aromatherapy Blends for Moods

al Covo offers prestigious aromatherapy treatments, aromatherapy training, and massage treatments and training in Southampton. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk or call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details. Organic Essential Oils can be bought on my online Neal's Yard Remedies shop for home delivery. See my website for advice on essential oils and carrier oils too.

The following essential oil blends are recommended:

Awake & Alive
An exotic but stimulating blend of Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Lemongrass and Clove.

A blend of Geranium, Lime, Juniper Berry, Fennel and Patchouli, to detoxify and balance. 

Fab Feet
A soothing and refreshing blend of Lime, Sage, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Basil. More...

Choosing Essential Oils - Top Middle and Bottom Notes, Chakras and Balancing

al Covo offers prestigious well-being, chakra balancing, aromatherapy and massage treatments, massage training, chakra energy training, and aromatherapy training in Southampton. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk, call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details. You can buy organic essential oils from my Neal's Yard Remedies webshop or in the suite.


Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil or oil blend to your bath, shower buff, to a pan of warm water to inhale under a clean towel, add to wood on a fire, handkerchief, place a tissue behind a radiator or lightbulb, add to an oil burner, add to alcohol to make a perfume, or blend with base oils and massage into the skin or rub on the temples and wrists... There are many ways to inhale or absorb these energies, nutrients and vitamins!

Here's a quick summary for 3 common situations - mood enhancement, making balanced blends, and chakra balancing. All oils are available in the suite. Ask me about making specific blends for your mood, condition, personality, star sign, room, or season.  More...

The Power of Touch

The power of touch is miraculous in its simplicity. Touch in any form has been shown to boost the immune-system. When it is done in a loving environment with experienced healing hands it can be very powerful and has a strong healing potential.

It's one of those free gifts from nature to humans and thus touch has been used in various forms of therapeutic massages to balance and heal the Body and Mind with the help of various warm herbal oils and powders.

Modern research also proves that the same hormones are released during a good and proper massage and also when we are in Love. More...

Benefits of Massage

Massage treatments and holistic therapies help balance the body's systems, promote well being, prevent illness, and relax both mind and body. This occurs through the 1-on-1 attention received from the therapist, the relaxing atmosphere, and the energy provided by the therapist. The therapies help in both physical and emotional ways.

Physical benefits can include:

A source of external energy for your body
Stimulation of internal energies
Reduced oedema, cellulite and improved lymphatic drainage, which helps fight disease and infection
Prevention of colds, headaches, migraines
Improved immune system function More...

Five Prevailing Benefits of Massage Therapy

Being one of my most popular forms of complementary medicine, massage therapy has a very long history in cultures around the world. In the modern society, people use it for different health purposes, no wonder why there are more than 200 types of massage techniques practised today. al Covo offers more than 15 types of massage, including hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, lymphatic drainage, indian head massage, relaxing (Swedish) massage, sports massage, remedial massage, ayurvedic massage, and hot herbal massage. Mine vary according to a) the type of oil used, b) the hand techniques used, c) any use of tools, such as a compress, jack nobber, a body scrub or stones, d) whether there's any heat involved, e) whether there's any stretching involved, and f) which parts of the body we're massaging (e.g. our speciality back, neck and shoulder). You can see how these 6 combinations create such a vast number of different massages. Come along and try one you fancy, buy some gift vouchers for a friend, or learn with one of my massage training courses. But what benefits do they all have in common?

Why get a massage?

Why not? Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the therapeutic effects of massage and in what way does it achieve such effects. But even before scientists uncovered the amazing benefits of massage therapy, millions of people have relied on it to achieve the following beneficial rewards:

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Stress is a major risk factor for chronic diseases, including cancer, heart failure and diabetes. More...

10 Tips to Beat Those Winter Blues

With winter temperatures now here, it can sometimes feel a bit difficult to keep a happy positive and ecstatic feeling to life. Maybe going to and from work in the dark, freezing bitter wind chill, snow blocking the roads, Christmas shopping needing to be done, it can all get a bit much.

How can you look after yourself? How can you beat those winter blues? How can you achieve a sense of inner happiness that will last you through these months?

Tip 1 – Active Meditation. A really good way to prevent a drop in mood and to help blow away those dark and depressive feelings is Active Meditation. These meditations are an excellent way to keep your mood up and keep you in touch with awareness. I personally recommend the Chakra Breathing Meditation, Garden Visualisation Meditation or the Shabazna. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk to see what I offer here with me, or you can buy a CD to take away on your own from my Shop!

Tip 2 – Meet some people. It’s time to spread your arms and embrace those less fortunate than you. Shine on and brighten the lives of others. Give some! More...

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