22 Reasons Why Massage Can Lead to Satisfying Sex

Have you ever thought about re-igniting a fulfilling, sexual experience? Giving and receiving a massage together is one way to achieve better sexual satisfaction. Here are the reasons why:

1.      1. Massage releases endorphins which reduce pain levels – ideal for ensuring uncomfortable positions and thrusts don’t cause you to groan in pain rather than pleasure.

2.      2. Massage stretches muscles, broadening muscle tissue, which allows for greater mobility and flexibility of body parts.

3.      3. Touch between two people encourages trust and a bond of friendship through the 1-on-1 attention.

4.      4. Massage of intimate areas is a great precursor to moving onto sex - you’re already making contact in the right area.

5.      5. Massage stimulates the nerves and a sense of sensuality, giving an invigorating, tingling glow.

6.      6. Massage allows two people to take turns to massage, so you can both practice giving and receiving on different occasions, developing a stronger, more even relationship. More...

DIY Massage Techniques

Too much stress can cause body pain – a warning that your body needs to rest and relieve tension. Poor blood circulation can be blamed as well. While popping a pill often gives us the quickest solution, it doesn’t effectively address your condition the way massage do.

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Learning some DIY massage techniques is one way to stay healthy and stress-free!

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