4 Steps to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Ten pounds is a magic number for many people. If you have a lot to lose, 10 pounds motivates you to keep counting calories and forge ahead. And at the end of a diet, 10 pounds is the golden path to the finish line. Success depends ultimately on burning more calories than you eat. It is possible to lose weight just by cutting down on calories or just by exercising, but the most effective and healthy way to lose weight is to do both.

Here is a 4-step plan to help you reach your goal:

Step 1: Record what you eat. A detailed food journal is a great tool when you’re counting calories, but can be so much more. As you diet, look for patterns that show you ways to improve your plan. Review your journal for:
Times when you crave food; make sure you have healthy, low-calorie snacks to reach for.
Opportunities to replace fat — steam-cook food with water instead of in oil, try mustard on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise, and drizzle fat-free dressing on your salad.
Serving sizes that are too large; scale back.
High-calorie drinks, including soda, sweet tea, sweetened or flavored milks, sweetened coffees, alcohol, and juices; replace with water, low-fat milk, or sugar-free drinks.
High-calorie additions to low-calorie foods — skip the cheese and nuts on salads and the butter on potatoes, for example. More...

Dirty Facts about Processed Foods: Why You Should Cut Down

Between a bag of cookies and a big slice of whole wheat bread, what would you choose for breakfast? How about for lunch – which sounds more appetising, greasy burger or blunt pasta? And for dinner, what would you want to eat – pepperoni pizza or fruit salad? If you have troubles giving up processed foods over the healthier ones, it’s probably because you lack full understanding of how bad these foods really are. Here are the dirty facts about regular eating of processed foods that will surely keep you away from eating them day after day!

Processed foods cause chronic inflammation
Inflammation is the major cause of a wide range of illnesses, including heart disease, neurological disorder, respiratory failure, and cancer. Many studies have shown that the most common ingredients found in processed foods, such as refined sugar, vegetable oil, MSG, sodium and processed flour are responsible for inflammation epidemic.

They promote brain damage.
Researchers from Oxford University found that people who regularly consume junk foods are more likely to become irritable and angry. This is because the toxins and chemicals contained in these products cause critical damage to the brain. On the other hand, non-processed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables have been found to promote brain health, elevate mood and boost energy levels in humans. More...

22 Reasons Why Massage Can Lead to Satisfying Sex

Have you ever thought about re-igniting a fulfilling, sexual experience? Giving and receiving a massage together is one way to achieve better sexual satisfaction. Here are the reasons why:

1.      1. Massage releases endorphins which reduce pain levels – ideal for ensuring uncomfortable positions and thrusts don’t cause you to groan in pain rather than pleasure.

2.      2. Massage stretches muscles, broadening muscle tissue, which allows for greater mobility and flexibility of body parts.

3.      3. Touch between two people encourages trust and a bond of friendship through the 1-on-1 attention.

4.      4. Massage of intimate areas is a great precursor to moving onto sex - you’re already making contact in the right area.

5.      5. Massage stimulates the nerves and a sense of sensuality, giving an invigorating, tingling glow.

6.      6. Massage allows two people to take turns to massage, so you can both practice giving and receiving on different occasions, developing a stronger, more even relationship. More...

Dealing with Migraine: How Magnesium Helps

One in 4 women and one in 12 men in the UK suffer from migraine, according to the NHS. But migraine is more than a severe headache. It is a chronic neurological condition that causes intense pain usually on one side of the head, and is accompanied by other debilitating symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light. A single migraine attack could persist for 2 hours to 3 days.

There are two types of migraine: with aura and without aura. A migraine with aura often starts with visual problems, dizziness, and stiffness of neck and limbs. This is usually followed by extreme headache. About a third of people have this, according to the NHS. The second type, or the one without aura, is also called common migraine which skips the visual problems and begins with dull pain that gets more painful. It comes with nausea and vomiting that persist for hours, and worse, days.

People experience varying severities of migraine. Some have attacks frequently (several times per week) whilst others only have it occasionally. It is possible for a migraine attack to occur after several years. Furthermore, there are people who experience migraine after being exposed to triggers like stress, polluted air, fluorescent lighting, strobe-like intermittent lighting, hormonal changes, and certain foods. More...

Natural Relief for Chronic Back Pain – Knowing Your Options

Did you know that back pain is much, much more painful than the pain felt in other parts of the body? That’s because our back is made up of complex muscles that are located too close to the spinal cord, making the sensation of pain more profound. Whilst over-the-counter medications offer a ‘quick fix’ to this condition, most of them do not really target the root cause of the problem, but only mask the pain. They also have side effects.

Here are some of the proven natural remedies that you can try when your back starts to hurt again:

Stretch it out. Poor blood circulation can lead to chronic pain. Stretching as a regular habit is one of the most effective ways to prevent back pain. Here’s a very simple stretching routine you may want to try: lie on your back and slowly, lift your right knee, bringing it towards your chest as far as it feels comfortable. Place your hands on your shin and hold for 20 seconds. Slowly release and do the same with your left knee. More...

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