10 ‘Bad’ Foods that Are Actually Good for Weight Loss

When dieting, almost any food can seem less attractive, unless it’s a fruit or vegetable. But there are many foods that can make your dieting days more colourful and delicious, without increasing your body fats! These foods have gotten a bad rap but are actually good for weight loss.


Most nutrition experts would tell you, cut back on red meat. But steak, in particular, may not be that bad for your waistline. In fact, the leanest portion of beef contains barely more saturated fats than skinless chicken breast of the same size. Beef is a good source of protein – an important nutrient that makes you feel full longer. Just choose tenderloin, fillet and other extra lean parts when shopping for beef. When preparing steak, use healthier ingredients and garnishing, and limit your consumption to a slice that’s just as big as your palm.


You don’t have to cut out pasta from your diet when trying to lose weight. Instead, choose the one made from whole grain. Eating several servings of whole grain foods promotes weight loss by delivering considerable amount of fibre in your body. Eating whole grains, rather than refined grains, makes you burn belly fats faster.


The rule of thumb most dieters follow is to cut back on fats. This is probably why many of them avoid eating nuts. But even though nuts are high in fats, they are also rich in other nutrients, including protein and fibre that are all needed for rapid weight loss. Eating a handful of nuts daily can also lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Peanut Butter

Even peanut butter can be a good thing. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that people who eat peanut butter are more likely to shed excess fats than those who strictly follow a low-fat diet. Experts suggest that eating just a small portion of your favourite treats (whether high fat or not) can help control hunger without leading to weight gain.


Coffee, when consumed without added cream or sugar, can boost your metabolism without added fats or calories. So keep it plain and black. If you can’t do without sugar, stick to a teaspoon. Whiten it with a low fat choice such as skimmed milk.

Coconut oil

You can skip olive oil sometimes and use coconut oil. Even though it has saturated fats, it may actually boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. It has also been shown to reduce symptoms of digestive disorders.


Dieters tend to reduce their calorie intake by cutting out on calcium-rich dairy foods, such as cheese. But this is not really a good thing. Calcium is needed by the body to burn fats more effectively. Cheese is also a great source of protein. Just choose the low-fat dairy products so you can enjoy it without having to worry about the added calories. Milk is another good source of calcium.


Just like beef, pork can be good for your waistline as well, as long as you keep the serving size small and lean. Another thing, pork tenderloin sold in the market today is 31 per cent leaner than those sold 20 years ago. Instead of deep-frying it, stir fry lean pork cuts in olive oil, toss slices of your favourite vegetables (maybe carrots, broccoli, potatoes, etc) and sprinkle some herbs and spices. Yum! You can also bake or roast it instead.


For years, experts have debated on whether eggs could promote weight loss or not. A study found that eating eggs for breakfast can actually boost fat loss by curbing your calorie intake for the rest of the day, for up to 400 calories! Egg is one of the best sources of protein so eating in the morning is less likely going to make you feel too hungry for the entire day. Instead of frying it in oil, egg is healthier when poached, baked or boiled.


Sorbet can satisfy your sweet tooth without the added fats. This low-fat vegan alternative for ice cream contains natural fruit antioxidants and has lower amount of sugar than traditional ice creams.

Just about any food most people consider fatty or bad for weight loss can help you stick to your diet plan as long as you stick to small portions. Completely eliminating them in your diet can cause food craving that can spoil all your dieting efforts. Just remember the magic word – MODERATION. It is the key to weight loss.

10 Quick Stress-Busting Techniques

It’s true that stress is always present in our life. It’s there everywhere we look, everywhere we go, and in everything we do. Even sleeping and doing nothing can become stressful at times. But stress doesn’t have to dismantle our life and prevent us from being happy and healthy. With the following easy techniques, you can cope with stress effectively and live life to the fullest!

Stretch it out.

Headache, fatigue, stiff neck, and cramps are all signs of stress. Chronic stress makes our muscles so tensed that they get swollen and become painful over time. This leads to undesirable symptoms, including pain. Stress also undermines blood circulation, which in turn makes your body more vulnerable to disease. Stretching out is a very convenient way to ease stress when you’re in the middle of a paperwork. Getting familiar with basic stretching techniques can significantly improve your blood flow, relax your tensed muscles and give you great relief. More...

Shirodhara, Meditation and the 4 states of consciousness

A good daily routine includes 2 sessions of Mental Silence of about 20 minutes. Let us compare the physiological and psychological states during our normal three states of consciousness, with those states during Mental Silence:

Waking State: during the waking state, we have thoughts, we are conscious and our metabolism rate is high.

Dreaming State: during the dreaming state, we have thoughts, we are conscious and our metabolism rate is lower.

Deep sleep without dreams: during deep sleep, thinking process stops, we are not conscious and our metabolism rate is lower still.

Mental Silence: during mental silence, thinking process stops, we are fully conscious and our metabolism rate is still lower than during deep sleep. More...

The effects of repeated Mental Silence

Mental Silence is a unique experience.  We have seen that physiologically, metabolic rate is lower during Mental Silence than during deep sleep, and that the activity of the mind comes to a complete stop.
Mental Silence is a privileged moment in your day, an oasis of peace in your life, twice a day whether you induce it with Shirodhara or Meditation. Both are available at al Covo. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk, or call 07968065885 or 023780639913 for more details.
With these two means, you are always certain to have your holidays twice a day.
The repeated experience of mental silence will produce the following effects, systematically observed with my patients who had daily Shirodhara and/or Meditation:

A decrease of:

⇓ Stress
Both physical and mental stress.
⇓ Sensibility to stress
Not only the amount of stress decreases but also our sensibility to it.
⇓ Anxiety
Anxiety decreases in intensity, frequency and duration. More...

Psycho-Physiological Effects of Shirodhara

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic technique to relax the mind and enter a medititative state or panchakarma (cleansing) state. It is rarely available in the UK and remains a strong practice in india and Sri Lanka. It is available at al Covo suite, Southampton, along with other Ayurvedic well-being practices. Please call 07968065885 or 02380639913 or visit www.alcovo.co.uk for more details.

Kazuo, Uebaba et al., a Japanese team, published a scientific study on the effects of Shirodhara therapy, using a "healing robot" to control for temperature, flow and sweeping of the liquid used. It is the only scientific controlled study on physiological effects of Shirodhara therapy we know of in relation to anxiety and altered states of consciousness (ASC).

Fifty-seven healthy volunteers (ages 22-46, 33 ± 8 years) participated in this study with the healing robot after signing informed consent. In this experiment, the treatment was regulated automatically by the computerized system using the healing robot. The temperature (39.0 ± 0.5 ◦C) and flow rate (2.3 ± 0.2 L/min) of the oil were kept constant.
Summary of Results More...

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