Meditation Helps Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Say War Veterans

Meditation might sound to be a very unlikely activity for people trained to use guns and bombs. But according to experts, this mental exercise could actually help war veterans recover from PTSD.
According to the Department of Veterans Affairs in the US, around 11 and 20 per cent of veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and 31 percent in Vietnam wars developed post traumatic stress disorder – a mental illness that develops after an exposure to any event or situation that results in psychological trauma. More...

5 Top Ways to Lose Stomach Fat

Most of us dream of having a perfect body – slender physique, small waist, lean arms, and of course, flat stomach! Unfortunately, many people find it hard to trim the excess fats in their belly even after starving themselves to death, taking expensive diet pills, and undergoing medical treatments. But did you know that you really don’t have to do all these things to flatten your stomach? A growing body of research suggests that cardio exercises, particularly short bursts of sprinting (instead of running longer distances) can actually help you chip away those stubborn fats and flatten your stomach!More...

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