Become a Cambridge Consultant and Run Your Own Business!

If you've lost weight with me with Cambridge Weight Plan and want to explain the usefulness of their nutritionally complete foods in weight loss, you now can become trained for free to become a Cambridge Consultant and help others manage their own weight too! Is this something of interest? I would be your sponsor and be there to help you through the process to accreditation and also support you once you’re accredited. You can run a weight loss consultancy business like me.

There’s no need to hit sales targets – you can have one or one hundred clients a week – Cambridge don’t mind, and you are self-employed! You are your own boss. More...

Choosing Massage Base Oils

Base, or Carrier Oils, can be full of nutrients and vitamins, and are ready to massage into the skin and hair. My guide below shows you the properties of each base oil. Use them as they come, or add Essential Oils for extra goodness! All are available to buy in the suite or buy almond, grapeseed and rosehip oil online.

al Covo offers massage treatments and training, including aromatherapy training, in Southampton. Visit or call Steve on 07968065885 or 02380639913 for more details.


Almond Oil: Light, almost odourless. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, E, protein, and a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. Protects, nourishes and calms eczema irritation, dryness or inflamation. Excellent hair and skin conditioner, as well as helping reduce muscular pain and tightness. More...

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Steve from AlcovoBorn in Worcestershire, and educated to second (Masters) degree in Geography, I worked in a corporate company before being inspired more fully into well-being from travels to the Eastern and Tropical countries of the Philippines, India, Kenya, the Maldives, Mauritius and Mozambique.

I gained an understanding of spas, treatments and clients along my way, and have developed this into my own practice, al Covo, to which I welcome you warmly. I pride myself on al Covo's warmth, peaceful aura, hygiene and thoroughness.

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