Reducing Calorie Intake - Best Breakfast Choices

Why "break the fast"?

To kick start your metabolism! Your body has been resting overnight and in the morning needs an energy boost and some hydration to get you going for the day!
Eating breakfast has many benefits, including improved concentration.
Cereals are
• High in fibre
• Low in sugar
• Fortified with vitamins and minerals More...

Alcohol and Calories

The calories in alcoholic drinks can soon tot up, so make sure you choose your tipple wisely!

Safe weekly alcohol limits
• 14 units for women
• 21 units for men
1 unit = half a pint of beer, half a standard (175ml) glass of wine, standard single pub measure of spirits (25ml).

Use diet or slim-line mixers. Fruit juices, for example orange juice, are high in calories and can be replaced by sugar-free squash.

Best avoided are cocktails containing milk or cream, such as Pina Colada. More...

5 Natural Antibiotics that Destroy Superbugs As Nature Intended

Antibiotics are perhaps one of the most used drugs in the world. We take it for many health problems, from bacterial infections to viral diseases. These drugs have been greatly revolutionised in the modern arena and have saved thousands of lives. Nevertheless, we know too well that antibiotics do have negative effects too. Mass produced by pharmaceutical companies with little regard to the fact that regular use of these drugs may lead to both short and long-term health consequences.

Natural antibiotics are a different thing. The way nature intended it. You really don’t have to always rush to the nearest pharmaceutical store just to get yourself an antibiotic that has the potential to do harm as well as good. Perhaps, in your kitchen, you already have some of the best antibiotics in the world! Here they are:

Garlic is one of the best, natural antibiotics widely available today.  More...

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