Reducing Calorie Intake -Best Snack Choices

Choose low calorie and low fat options in order to keep within your calorie allowance...

• Carrot, pepper, cucumber sticks with a tomato based salsa dip.
• A handful (approximately 7) of cherry tomatoes.
• Rye crackers with tomato salsa and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, placed under the grill for a few minutes.
• A fruit scone with a scraping of jam and 1 tbsp. of fruit yogurt as an alternative to cream.
• Sugar-free jelly.
• A slice of toast with a banana and a scraping of honey.
• Frozen grapes. More...

Weight Management Tips - for inside and out of the house

Here are is my first set of tips, covering buying food, cooking food, eating food, eating out, exercise, enjoyment, support and motivation, and then how to measure your success in each of these components to successful healthy weight managment.

1. Buying food

Here are some top tips!!- Low GI foods, such as bananas, apples and baked beans should help keep you fuller for longer. Buy some of my recommended books on GI diets and Healthy Eating from my Amazon webshop -
- Look at MY Cambridge online on calorific values of foods. E.g 1x Clementine/satsuma = 22 Cals, 1x Apple = 47 Cals, 1x plain wholegrain toast = 58 Cals, 1x small banana = 76 Cals, 1x300ml lager = 87 Cals, 1x chocolate digestive biscuit = 89 Cals, 25g packet of crisps = 132 Cals, 440ml bitter = 141 Cals, 25g salted roasted peanuts = 150 Cals, 1x 250ml glass white or red wine = 170 Cals. A large glass of wine is more calorific than a Cambridge soup or shake (approx 145 Cals)!
- Buy food online to avoid temptations in store. More...

5 General Weight Loss Tips

al Covo offers weight loss consultancy, nutritional foods and supplements, and online weight management service, as well as fantastic massages and well-being treatments. Consultations for Cambridge Weight Plan are free. Visit, call Steve on 079685065885 or 02380639913 for more details.

5 General Weight Loss Tips

1. Set a goal. Identify your ideal weight and set up a plan to start reaching your goal. I can help you with this.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for and get help. You're not going to lose weight alone. Tell you family. Get support. I'm here to help but you'll probably need others to keep you on track.

3. Vitamins are good for you. The normal diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals. More...

Getting Calcium and Counting Calories

Calcium is an important mineral for bone health. Most of us reach our peak bone mass by our late 20's, after which we slowly start to lose calcium from our bones. An adequate calcium intake is vital throughout our lifespan. The daily calcium requirement for an adult is between 700 and 1000mg per day.

All milk has the same amount of calcium, regardless of whether it's skimmed, 1% fat, semi-skimmed or whole. In fact, skimmed milk has slightly more calcium!

If you can't eat dairy, then soya products are an excellent, lactose-free, alternative. Soya milk is fortified with at least as much calcium as milk, and, if you opt for the 'light' version is as low calorie as skimmed milk. It's also fortified with vitamin D (also important for strong bones) and soya products can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels too.

Try to aim for approximately 3 portions of dairy per day. Use the guide below to total your calcium for the day. More...

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