Self-Help Relief for Headaches (Meditation)

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Recently it has been on the news about how taking painkillers may actually result in more headaches. So in light of this, I decided to tell people how to get relief from headaches without the use of painkillers. Below is a step by step guide on how to get headache relief. This can be used on most headaches though I have not used this on migraines. I have a specific exercise that I have had good results in getting rid of migraines all together. However prevention is better than cure. So if your headache is alcohol, staring at a screen for too long, being in high or low light/noise, or anything else, please consider what you could do to prevent or lessen the cause.

1: Rate the headache on a scale 1 – 10, 1 being very slight discomfort and 10 being you can’t take any more.

2: Give the headache pain a colour and your relaxation (no pain) a colour as well. More...

15 Foods for Extra Brainpower

We were made to believe that once a person reaches adulthood, they stop generating new brain cells. But a growing body of research shows that our brain constantly changes as we age and that it is possible to produce new healthy cells regardless of what age you are. But for this to happen, we should invest on improving and feeding our brain.

What you eat plays a major role in the health of your brain. Studies show that eating junk food doesn’t benefit you in any way. So instead of munching those salty crisps and sipping soft drinks, you may want to have the following foods part of your regular diet. They are not just delicious but brain-friendly as well!

1. Seafood. Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids – good fats that are linked to good heart and better mental health. They also contain DHA which is crucial to the health of your nervous system, and iodine which is known to improve mental clarity. Salmon and albacore tuna are among the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Not a fish lover? You may get these essential fats from canola oil, flaxseeds, walnuts, and eggs.

2. Whole grains. Brown rice and bread, oats, and other whole grains are rich in fibre. More...

Wash Your Hands and Stop Touching Your Face!

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Clients inevitably still become ill and simple changes can help prevent infection from viruses and bacteria by washing hands and stop touching the face.

Research shows that an average person touches their face every three to five minutes. In between that, they are touching almost anything from door knobs to computer keyboards, and mobile phones. And unless we stop quitting this habit, we remain at risk of inflectional diseases, researchers found.

Many people don’t realise that frequently touching their faces could make them ill. A study, which was published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, reveals that an average person touches communal surfaces around three or four times per hour, and touches their mouth or nose more frequently.

This is where the problem lies, the researchers suggest. Viruses and bacteria enter the body through mucus membranes in the eyes, nostrils and mouth. That means when people touch their mouth or rub their eyes and nose, they hand-deliver the germs and bacteria from the communal surfaces and increase their risk of infection.

What’s the proper way to hand-wash? More...

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I gained an understanding of spas, treatments and clients along my way, and have developed this into my own practice, al Covo, to which I welcome you warmly. I pride myself on al Covo's warmth, peaceful aura, hygiene and thoroughness.

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