10 Tips to Beat Those Winter Blues

With winter temperatures now here, it can sometimes feel a bit difficult to keep a happy positive and ecstatic feeling to life. Maybe going to and from work in the dark, freezing bitter wind chill, snow blocking the roads, Christmas shopping needing to be done, it can all get a bit much.

How can you look after yourself? How can you beat those winter blues? How can you achieve a sense of inner happiness that will last you through these months?

Tip 1 – Active Meditation. A really good way to prevent a drop in mood and to help blow away those dark and depressive feelings is Active Meditation. These meditations are an excellent way to keep your mood up and keep you in touch with awareness. I personally recommend the Chakra Breathing Meditation, Garden Visualisation Meditation or the Shabazna. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk to see what I offer here with me, or you can buy a CD to take away on your own from my Shop!

Tip 2 – Meet some people. It’s time to spread your arms and embrace those less fortunate than you. Shine on and brighten the lives of others. Give some! More...

A guide to boost your winter immune system.

A healthy immune system is the cornerstone of good health. In our fast paced world, there are a multitude of factors that can challenge our immune system, including diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep, stress, exposure to toxins both environmental and consumed in food and drugs to name a few. If our immune system is not firing on all cylinders it can have a huge impact on how our body copes with these challenges, and be the difference between wellness and illness.

Our immune system is a complex network made up of more than white blood cells. It includes our skin which acts as a physical barrier to harmful microbes. Our lymphatic system also plays a large role in immunity and includes the lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes and lymphatic organs such as the spleen, which help to remove toxins from tissue within the body and transport potentially harmful microbes to cells that can help disarm them. More...

About the author

Steve from AlcovoBorn in Worcestershire, and educated to second (Masters) degree in Geography, I worked in a corporate company before being inspired more fully into well-being from travels to the Eastern and Tropical countries of the Philippines, India, Kenya, the Maldives, Mauritius and Mozambique.

I gained an understanding of spas, treatments and clients along my way, and have developed this into my own practice, al Covo, to which I welcome you warmly. I pride myself on al Covo's warmth, peaceful aura, hygiene and thoroughness.

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